About Us

Liz Di Giulio BA, AA, CMT

I received my BA in Art/Graphic Design from San Jose State University and gravitated to working in high tech. All my work required me to sit at a desk all day. I had always watched how people moved and was very interested in the ergonomic experts who helped people in pain set up their stations properly. I also became fascinated with physical therapy, which I got to experience after sitting at a desk and developed tendinitis in my thumb from holding the phone in my hand for long periods. I was curious to know the reasoning behind the treatments (which included massage) and exercises I was given. Eventually, I found my health was being compromised as a result my high stress job, and I got the opportunity to pursue massage as a career and as a way to regain a healthy life.

I studied massage at De Anza College and was fascinated with the sports massage and biomechanics as well as the trigger point and neuromuscular re-education classes. These were particularly interesting to me because of the varied applications for pain and rehabilitation, and the necessity of understanding why I was working on particular structures. Plus, I get to watch and analyze how people move as part of my job!

I started my private practice in 2011 and I work with professional and amateur athletes, dancers, yoga practitioners, high tech employees, landscapers, doctors, physical therapists, parents, students (with parental consent), construction workers, mechanics, massage therapists. Additionally, I work with Ballet San Jose providing massage to their professional dancers and I have volunteered for sporting events, such as the US Open Championship Golf Tournament 2012. I also partner with personal trainers to work on their athletes training for local sporting events.

• Orthopedic Massage - Center for Pain Management
• AA Massage Therapy, De Anza College (1,000+ hours)
• California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) # 20422
• Functional Movement Screen (FMS™), Level 1
• RockTape – Certified RockDoc

• American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA)

Community Events:
• 2013 South Bay Duathlon in Morgan Hill
• 2013 Hellyer Park Half Marathon, 10K & 5K in San Jose
• 2013 NorCal Half Marathon & 5K in Fremont
• 2012 NorCal Half Marathon in San Jose
• 2012 Morgan Hill Marathon in Morgan Hill
• 2012 Junior Olympics Water Polo at Stanford
• 2012 Morgan Hill Sprint Triathlon in Morgan Hill
• 2012 Bay Area Senior Games at Stanford
• 2011 Title 9K in Sunnyvale